Saturday, July 12, 2008

Little Treasures

Went for our friends Rodney and Jo's annual get-together. It was a delectable desserts evening...mmm:) But more than that I was surprised by a 'treasure' given to me by Jo as we were leaving...a picture of Christa and me at the same get-together last year! What a treasure:) And for me it just reminded me again of God's care for me and how He knows that we need reminders of our loved ones every now and then. I know there were days when I wanted to find something of Christa's so badly and it's nice to be able to go to her memory box and find things that remind me of her. But it's extra special when you're not particularly looking for it and it just gets handed to you-now I know that someone up there is watching over me. Thank you Lord!

I was reminded of this song from the children's camp we did during my YWAM mission trip:

"The Lord loves me and all His wonders I see

The rainbow shines through my window

The Lord loves me..."

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Vincent Eagan III said...

The LORD loves you,
and all His promises are true
a rainbow shines through your window
the LORD loves you.