Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art for Christa

I've always wanted to paint and had a friend that I wanted to learn from. However as life goes, we are always too busy with the kids to actually get together. Anyway, I decided one day after Chloe's party that I wanted to paint a picture that I took of her from the party in the garden. And that was it-I was hooked! This is my very own first acrylic painting, and I am planning to do one of Christa in heaven holding her favorite puppy. I had this picture in mind, based a little on this figurine that I bought and placed on top of Christa's urn which reminded me of her. I'm working on the drawing to get it right first before I paint it since I don't have the exact picture to paint from and I've just pieced together parts of her to make up this picture. But anyway, the drawing so far looks like this....

Still have lots to work on, but hopefully I'll get there one day. In the mean time I also did a painting of Christa's fairy flower ( which people have confirmed are called crane flower in South Africa and Birds of Paradise in Malaysia). It is still drying on our dining room table at this very moment. Will post a pic when it's done.

I am thinking of selling my paintings and drawings that I have thus far so that I can get more materials and do more paintings without bankrupting the family in the process. So if anyone likes them and wants some art and in the process help out an aspiring artist please let me know! That way I'll also know that at least someone out there does like it and I don't totally suck at it...hahah:)


littlewoozie said...

Hey, nice!
Reminds me of going to art classes with you years ago! Remember? We went to Auntie Poh for crayons and to that fella at the Keat Hwa Old Boys hall for watercolour. My mum still keeps some of my old paintings from that era!

Charismatic said...

it's really nice Vivian