Monday, August 25, 2008

Chloe's Party-Flowers for Christa

I saw these flowers when I visited my friend Aquila at her home the weekend before Chloe's party. They reminded me of Christa and I thought it would be appropriate to have it at Chloe's Tinkerbell party this year. Granny and grandpa used to have a big 'bush' of these flowers outside their house. Whenever she saw them from the car she would say, "Fairies!" For a while we tried to figure out why she kept saying fairies, and then realised that she thought these flowers were fairies. So now whenever I see these flowers I think of fairies, but most of all I remember my beloved little girl, Christa.

PS. Thanks Aquila for cutting and bringing some of these flowers for the party! Must find out what they are called. In Malaysia I seem to remember calling them Birds of Paradise.


littlewoozie said...

I know I call them Birds of Paradise too. Calvin gave me a card with a picture of them on it for my birthday. :)
Thanks for sharing your blog with us. Seems like you have got hooked on it already!
Have a good day today, and God bless you all.

Derek said...

The flowers are Crane Flowers (Strelitzia)