Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Would be 5th Birthday

14th October 2004-the day Christa entered this world and became part of our family. Who would have known that we would only have her for 3 and a half short years?

Today in Auckland they found the body of the toddler that was missing since last week. How would the family have known that the day they went to clear the grandparent's house would be the last time they would see their precious daughter? It is so easy to take life forgranted especially the ones around us that we see everyday. I myself am guilty of that all the time....another story? another nappy to change? more whining? Why can't I just have some peace and quiet to do my own thing? But what if there was no tomorrow to share? What if all I had was peace and quiet? Oh God, on this day as we remember Christa's birthday, please help me to also remember the precious gift of life that you have given us and not to take anything or anyone forgranted. Help me to live moment by moment; not thinking too far ahead and wishing for things to come, or dwelling on the past and ignoring the present.

I miss you so much my precious little Christa. Rachel is reminding me so much of you. You would have so enjoyed having her as your little sister. Tomorrow would have been your first day at big school with Chloe. Chloe and I think that you would have been the tallest girl in class! We love you lots. You are always in our hearts and minds....forever a part of us.

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