Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Family Photos Today

Our first family portrait session together as an entire, dad, Chloe, Rachel, granny, grandpa, Aunty Wendy, & Uncle Richard. Wish Christa could have been there with us. She would have finished chemo treatment by now. We never got to take a proper family picture together before Christa went to be with Jesus. But I guess in our memories then, she will always be the strong, healthy, happy little girl instead of without hair, with feeding tube, etc. The only professional portrait we have as a family together was taken during Christa's first visit to Malaysia. I guess life goes on and we will be making new memories. But you my dear sweet Christa will always remain a part of this family. And we look forward to seeing you again in heaven one day where we will never have to be apart again.

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